Estepona Aesthetic Clinic


We offer the latest technology in laser hair removal in Estepona, as well as various beauty treatments to help you achieve soft, radiant and natural-looking skin. We also offer a new laser treatment that can effectively remove tattoos in just a few sessions.

Achieve radiant and hair-free skin thanks to our innovative laser.
Latest technology laser to remove a tattoo you want to erase in just a few sessions.
Revitalize and renew the skin of your face and body safely.

A safe and effective solution to eliminate localized fat and optimize circulation.

An innovative semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique for eyebrows. We achieve amazing results that will enhance the beauty of your face.
Discover wood therapy, a technique that goes beyond superficial beauty. In addition to toning your skin, you will reduce cellulite and release accumulated muscle tension.

Divinity Beauty Center Estepona


At Divinity Beauty Center Estepona, we offer top-quality treatments at affordable prices, backed by a team of experts with extensive experience. From laser hair removal to radiofrequency, micropigmentation, and pressotherapy, our services are designed to give you exceptional results.

Immerse yourself in a warm and welcoming atmosphere at our center, where we will welcome you with open arms. Discover completely renovated facilities, equipped with the most advanced technology on the market to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety in each treatment. Come and discover Divinity Beauty Center Estepona, where your well-being is our priority.


Satisfied Clients


“Incredible results. I’ve had several sessions and I am delighted and very surprised with the results, I have fewer hairs growing each time.”

José María Solís


“I recommend the clinic and the laser hair removal sessions, amazing results in a short time and friendly and attentive staff.”

Jose Juan Luque


“Thanks to Divinity Center clinic, I feel younger than ever, after the treatment, my skin feels smooth and revitalized.”

María Rodríguez