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At Divinity Center, we are specialists in pressotherapy treatments in Estepona. Contact us and start experiencing the numerous benefits of pressotherapy from your very first session.

Uses of Pressotherapy


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    What is pressotherapy and what is it used for?

    Visible results from the first session

    At Divinity Center, we offer pressotherapy treatments to improve blood and lymphatic circulation in the legs, as well as to treat fluid retention in the body. We use the most advanced technology, the Novapress, which applies pressure to the body through special wraps or boots placed on the legs or other areas.

    Pressotherapy is effective in treating leg swelling, varicose veins, and other circulatory problems, as well as improving the appearance of the skin and reducing cellulite. It also helps relieve pain in people with tired legs and improves mobility in those with circulation problems. You will experience improvements from the first session and notice how it naturally sculpts the silhouette, while significantly improving circulation.

    Experience pressotherapy treatments in Estepona with the most advanced technology and the best professionals at your disposal.

    Non-invasive treatment

    Improved circulation

    Quick and painless sessions

    Results from the first session

    Use for multiple treatments


    Discover all the benefits of pressotherapy.

    Advantages of using pressotherapy

    Improves blood and lymphatic circulation

    Pressotherapy can improve circulation in the legs and other areas of the body, reducing swelling and relieving the feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the legs.

    Reduces fluid retention

    Pressotherapy can help drain excess fluid from the body, which in turn can help reduce swelling and cellulite.

    Relieves pain

    Pressotherapy can relieve pain in the legs and improve mobility in people with circulation problems.


    Pressotherapy is a relaxing and comfortable treatment, which many people enjoy during the session.

    Improved skin appearance

    Pressotherapy can contribute to improving the appearance of the skin and reducing cellulite.

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