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At Divinity Center, you’ll discover wood therapy massages, a technique that not only reduces localized fat but also stimulates your lymphatic and circulatory systems. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of body and facial wood therapy, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    What is wood therapy and what is it used for?

    Wood therapy is a natural technique that offers great benefits.

    Wood therapy, an ancient technique of Oriental origin, has captivated the world of wellness and beauty. This natural therapy uses wooden instruments to improve our health.

    Based on the principle that wood, as a natural element, can transmit energy and positive vibrations to our body, wood therapy offers great benefits, including reducing cellulite, eliminating toxins, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as relieving stress and muscle tension.

    Don’t waste any more time and discover how wood therapy can transform your life, returning the harmony and vitality you desire.

    Facial and body wood therapy treatments in Estepona with the best professionals in this technique.

    Natural and Non-Invasive Treatment

    Improvement of Blood and Lymphatic Circulation

    Reduction of Cellulite and Localized Fat

    You'll Notice Results from the First Session

    Relief from Stress and Muscle Tension


    Discover all the advantages of wood therapy

    Benefits of wood therapy

    Improve your lymphatic and blood circulation

    Experience the comforting relief that wood therapy offers to your legs, improving circulation and reducing swelling. Combat fatigue and feel the lightness your body craves.

    Reduce cellulite and localized fat

    Wood therapy is an effective ally in the fight against cellulite and localized fat. Its wooden tools stimulate circulation and detoxification, resulting in a slimmer and toned silhouette.

    Minimize fluid retention

    Wood therapy activates microcirculation in different areas of your body, promoting the elimination of fluids and toxins.


    Firm and tone your figure

    With our wood therapy massages, you can firm and tone the area of your body that concerns you the most. Discover how this technique can help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals.

    Visibly improve the appearance of your skin

    Wood therapy benefits the elasticity of your skin. This treatment activates the production of collagen, elastin, and vitamin E, promoting firmer and healthier skin.

    From your first wood therapy sessions in Estepona, you will begin to notice visible results.


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